Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Final Points Table!

Well Boys, the year is done and I can dish out the bonus points, thats 12 points for the largest of each species and another 12 points for the overall largest fish!
Al had the largest perch and roach, 24pts. Kev had the only Dace and Brown Trout, therefore the biggest, also had biggest Sea Trout and 36pts. Paddy and Karl were joint biggest Pike winners with a 5lb fish each, 12pts. Karl also had largest Silver Bream and therefore gets another 12 for that. Biggest fish of the year was the joint 5lb pike, its a disgrace that the biggest fish was only 5lbs, nevertheless another 12pt goes to Karl and Pat!

Final Table is as follows...

1. Al............49pts.
2. Kevin......46pts.
3. Karl.........41pts.
4. Paddy.....27pt.
5. Rafa........0pts.
6. Micky Monk...0pts.
7. Baz..........-1pt.
8. Jim Kelly....-3pts.

As for the dispute as to me awarding myself 2pts. twice for the Alvekärleby Roach I refute the allegations! The Älvekärleby Roach Scandal was started after malicious rumors were circulated after a few pints too many... If you refer to the points table here on 14th July last, well before the trip north, you will see I was on 23pts. at that stage, now sod off the lot of ye and leave me alone!

2007 beckons lads, hopefully a lot bigger to come in the year ahead. Tight Lines to you all...

By the way, there is no truth in the rumour that Jim Kelly fished all year without knowing you had to tie a hook to the end of your line.
The good news for Jim is that he is moving upwards having been reinstated to 0pts on January 1st 2007...
Your a legend!