Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tyresö Slott; 23rd April 2009

A 2lb. 20z. Ide from the slott for Simon!

4lb 3oz. Bream, my biggest swedish Bream to date...

A day out at the Slott went somewhat away from the planned chain of events, the plan being to catch some bait and proceed to the tip of the slott to fish for Pike. As it happened, frustratingly, not a single baitfish could be tempted and we ended up on the bridge to try for bait there. No baitfish were present, though Bream were. Simon and I had a number of bites culminating in a 4lb 3oz. fish to my own rod, my biggest swedish Bream to date and a 6 pointer to boot!
After an uneventful couple of hours at the tip we decidede to return to the bridge where Simon had a 2lb Bream, awarding him his fist point of the year. Ed and James then arrived in time to see the fish of the day, another surprise from the Slott from right under the bridge, a cracking 2lb. 2oz. Ide, another new species from this site, which never fails to hold a surprise or two every year. This noteworthy fish netted Simon another 6 points.
The day wore on very quetly, Simon headed home whilst the rest of us fished on. At about 18.30 the Roach suddenly began to feed heavily and we caught an absolute stack of them, some of them reasonable fish. Headed home after a good day out happy with a good days fishing...
As a footnote a day out last week at Lidingö, generally unproductive, did produce a Pike of around 3lb. for James, the fish falling for a lure, earning him his first point of the year.
Moon Phase; New Moon(-2days)
Moon Rise;04.22 Moon Set;09.52 Moon Low Pt.;12.51

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyresö Slott, April 17th 2009

A very happy me with my first ever rod caught Sik from Tyresö Slott...

My first ever Sik! This fish was another real surprise from the Slott, a venue that has produced a huge array of species over the past few years. The fish came at 7.30am, a really vicious bite that hooped the rod over. Striking into it, I initially thought it a Perch, then a large Roach, the fish put up a tremendous fight ans was a very fast swimming fish. Was delighted when it lay on the surface and I realised it was my first Sik, The fish is rather rare around Stockholm and gives me three points, the fish weighing in at 1lb. 5oz. Something of an oddity, this fish reminded me of the Bonefish of warmer climes, with a simular elongated appearance, colouration and underslung mouth. A member of the whitefish family, apparently superb eating, but this one was released today...
A rather bizarre occurance was that the only three bites that came to my Pike rods all morning came more or less simultaneously on all three rods at 06.55am! Two of the Smelt deadbaits were dropped, the other fish put up a rather odd dour fight before coming off. All bites were rather tentative and must of been either Zander, or most likely Perch. I think what happened is a large shoal moved through the swim resulting on all three smelt deadbaits being taken, maybe! The baits were unmarked on inspection laeding me to think Pike were not the culprits..
Simon joined me later in the morning and we caught a stack of Roach on the legered worm before we headed home. A really enjoyable morning...

Moon Phase; Last Quarter Moon
Moon Rise;03.40 Moon Set; 10.02 Moon Low Point;18.42