Friday, April 25, 2008

Specimen Rudd; Tyresö Slott; 25th April 2008

2lb 3oz. Rudd

2lb 3oz. Rudd

2lb 3oz. Rudd

2lb 3oz. Rudd

1lb 3oz. Rudd

Arrived at the Slott today at 16.oohrs. for an evening session, hoping for a big Bream.Immediately groundbaited a swim off the bridge and began catching Roach, a lot of them... Then had a few Bream of about 14oz., all between 18.20 and 18.35. Was still ledgering a worm on the bottom on a free running rig, when at 18.35 I struck at a slow pull and was delighted to land a superb Rudd of 1lb 3oz, a really good fish that fought well, this fish falling at almost exactly a trigger time. A 2 point fish on the league table. Then back to normal for an hour, with Roach continuously biting.
At 19.30, having been joined by Linda at that stage, I again struck a very slight slow pull and bent the rod into what I assumed to be a good Bream, the fish boring strongly away, my light swingtip rod hooped over. After a really solid struggle I was amazed when a massive Rudd came to the surface, a huge fish. I weighed it carefully at 2lb 3oz., a new personal best by more than half a pound! After a few photo's the fish was released unharmed and swam away strongly. A really memorable evening, an exceptional fish and worth 12 points on the league table.

Weather; Fine sunshine, Clear sky; Prolonged High Pressure Stable, 14 degrees Cent.
Moon Trigger times; 16.37, 18.37

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tyresö Slott; 21st April 2008

Rudd; 1lb 20z.

Perch; 11oz.

A really super day weather wise today, the first warm day of the year. Met up with Karl at the Slott and enjoyed a good days fishing. Stacks of Roach again, caught loads up to 10oz. Then came a lovely Perch of 11oz. for Karl, a really immaculate fish it was too. A Bream slipped off the hook at the last minute later in the evening which would of topped two pounds easily had it been weighed. The big suprise though came in the form of a 1lb. 2oz. Rudd caught by Karl on my rod whilst I was dealing with a snagged pike bait! Lovely fish, the first one caught by any of us at this site. Having looked back at the original rules of the league it seems the only fair thing to do is award Karl the points for hooking and playing the beast! Two points therefore go his way, his first of the season....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tyresö Slott; 16th April 2008

3lb 8oz. Bream

130z. Bream
Enjoy able afternoon at the Slott. Started very slowly with nothing coming to ledgered worms or lures. Bites started later though, as the light dropped roach started to feed before Karl hooked a 13oz. Bream..Minutes later I struck into a much heavier specimen that tipped the scales at 3lb. 8oz. This was a good fish for the Slott and gave me 3 points towards the league table. Had to leave for work soon after, just as the feeding started and Pike began to show in the reeds, plenty of spawning activity seen and heard...

Rocksta; 15th April 2008

Trip out today to Albysjön lake was interesting. Small Roach biting freely but many proved fickle and difficult to hook. Simon had a lovely Perch though, a nice early fish weighing in at 13oz. No pike caught, though site has alot of potential and will visit it again in the near future....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tyresö; 6th April 2008

Karl and his first fish of the year....

Simon getting some exercise...

Al and Roach...


An early trip to Tyresö proved worthwhile in the end, even though nothing of major note was taken. The first day that fish have been biting freely this year, with plenty of Roach coming to ladgered worm on all rods, the largest a .21 kilo fish to Jim Kelly. A single Bream of over a pound slipped the hook at the last minute on my rod. (First signs of spawning Pike also today, with fish active deep within the reeds, though none hooked)
A nice day and evening capped by a makeshift BBQ, full credit to Karl and Maria for bring the grub!