Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stora Vartan, 7th Febuary 2008

Stora Värtan, Täby.

Took a trip out to Täby this morning to check this area out. The entire water is huge and is part of the achipelago, lying just north of Vaxholm. It has a reputation for being one of the better Pike waters in Stockholm, as well as holding very good Perch, Seatrout and Zander amongst other species. Lure fished here for 90 minutes without result, proved to be a little snaggy and I would say this water would come into its own around April/May, perhaps with live baits being a good option. A boat would be a huge aid as most of the bank is reed fringed, making land fishing impossible for most areas, which look really, really superb for Pike. Some access though around lightly built up areas. There is a path running along the bank all the way to Näsby Park for several kilometres which may be worth checking out...