Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nedre Rudan; 16th January 2010

Ed with the first fish of 2010, a lovely ice caught Rainbow Trout weighing in at 1lb 10oz. The fish took a maggot baited mormonsk hook whilst it was being jigged in midwater..

Always awaited, the moment the fish comes up through the hole in the ice and you get to see wgat it is you have hooked...

Simon waits it out in harsh winter conditions, scenery stunning today...

My homemade ice fishing rod, put together from an old feeder rod which snapped at the base. No trout fell to this on today though....

A nice day out today, it being the first trip of the year For Ed, Jim, Simon and Al, ice fishing for Rainbow Trout at Nedre Rudan. The lake is rather small, though is a good lake for Rainbow Trout, he lake record here is just over 15lb.! Brown Trout and Char are also present in smaller numbers, the Char being difficult to catch. In summer season the presence of Carp, Mirrors and Commons, as well as a small number of Grass Carp and a head of Tench make this venue very interesting indeed.
today though it was Rainbow Trout we were after and Ed duly landed a very nice fish of 1lb.10oz.(3Pts.) after about an hour, a great way to kick off the years fishing. A small Perch to myself was the only other fish taken on a tough day when the fish seemed to be rather inactive, lots of anglers at the lake failing to catch today.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2009; Final Points Table

Another year gone by, 2009 a rather quiet one fo fishing ion comparison to previous years. Will be remembered as the year when Karl Stein almost failed to register a single point on the table, a truly remarkable achievement....

As always the bonus points to be awarded at the end of the year for biggest fish of every species that scored on the table, with 12pts. going to each. In addition the heaviest overall fish of the season gets a further bonus of 12pts.

Biggest scoring fish of each species as follows;

Rainbow Trout; Ed; 2lb. 1oz.; Rudasjön; May 29th.
Seatrout; Simon; 1lb. 2oz.; Strömmen; September 10th.
Pike; Ed; 13lb 2oz.; Dreviken; May 26th.
Perch; Ed; 1lb. 14oz.; Lidingö; May 31st.
Bream; Al; 4lb.3oz.; Tyresö Slott; April 23rd.
Ide; Rafa; 3lb. 8oz.; Dalarna; June.
Rudd; Al; 1lb 1oz.; Lovon; June 7th.
Sik; Al; 1lb 5oz.; Tyresö Slott; April 17th.

All the above fish are rewarded 12 Points, in addition the largest fish, Ed's Pike is also awarder 12 Points as heaviest fish of the year...


1st. Al; 96 Pts.
2nd;. Ed; 70 Pts.
3rd Rafa; 30 Pts.
4th. Simon; 28 Pts.
5th. Phil; 4 Pts.
6th Tom; 3 Pts.
7th. Kev; 2 Pts.
7th Karl; 2 Pts.
7th. James; 2 Pts.

So there it is folks. 2010 has now begun and the slate is clean again. Ice fishing is now a viable option, which i will be organizing in the coming week now that it is safe on the lakes. Hopefully Zander will become a feature this year, possibly also Carp and Tench also. Perhaps also a week fishing somewhere. Thanks for the company guys over 2009, hope you all land a few monsters this year..