Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rönningen, Hälsingland 21st August

Third time for me fishing at this lake close to a friends country house outside böllnås. The first two were a complete disaster with not even a bite... The lake is stocked with rainbow trout but they are not easy to catch! Got to the lake this time at around 06.30 and fished two rods on the ledger with salmon egg power bait. After about two hours without a bite a re-cast one of the rods and as soon as the bomb landed i saw a huge swirl in the water in the same spot ( i think the bomb pretty much landed on a fish) after a couple of seconds i started getting very small bites and struck. The fish went crazy, jumping out of the water several times and putting up a great fight. After about 5 minutes i managed to land the fish, a lovely rainbow trout weighing in at 1.9kg. I kept the fish and it was eaten for lunch!

Better late than never! Dreviken July 2010

Should have put up these pics a while ago... Me and Al headed out to the spot at Dreviken for the day. Plenty of smaller fish and some very beautiful Rudd. Inlcluding a good specimen for Al. One small pike for me too. No sign of the big pike that can usually be found here so another trip back in order. I don't remember the weights so hopefully Al can fill them in.