Monday, June 30, 2008

Malaren 14-15th June


My first ever lure cought pike!! about 1.5kg

Second ever lure cought pike, 2.6kg

A nice weekend away at a friends country house on the island of Alholmen (somewhere after Ekero) Tried lure fishing for the first time ever and to my surprise, actually caught something. Caught both pike within 10 minutes at the same spot. All in all a pretty quite weekend though but some good spots so worth a return trip soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waxholm; 26th June 2008

4lb 13oz. Pike

11oz. Perch

Grabbed the rods, reels, scales, camera, a few weights and a packet of size 10 hooks and headed out to Waxholm for a few hours light fishing for Perch. My first cast produced a good bite and I struck into a very strong fish that absoloubtly hooped my 12 foot swingtip leger rod over. I was dreaming about a monster Perch for 5 minutes as it stayed deep and took line every time I tried to bring it to the surface. When it did break the surface my dreams were dashed, a Pike of 4lb 13oz. had taken my worms of the bottom! The fish was well hooked in the scissors of the jaw, away from the teeth and it was landed, photographed and slipped back in. A truly unbelievable fight on the ultralight rod, it only it could of been the Perch I thought it might be!
Lots of Perch biting, all small at first, but things did improve steadily as the sun dropped lower, leading to three fish over .75lb before I had to leave at 19.15 to watch the Euro '08 semi-final! Might be well worth an evening in the area with small livebaits for, hopefully, a big, big Perch...

Trehörningen; 26th June 2008

1lb 14oz. Tench



A few very enjoyable hours spent fishing in the evening for Tench with Linda, Jim and Ollie. Groundbaited carefully on arrival and was into a Tench of 1lb 14oz. on just my second cast using a strawberry flavoured maize and redworm bait on a paternoster rig, a rapid result. Things then went rather quite with small Roach here and there until the sun dropped and the odd Bream and Rudd were then taken, though nothing of any size. A Crayfish was caught after it tangled itself in my line on my second rod which was fishing a method feeder rig and boilie on a hair. A really good sized Cray it was too! Had two good runs on the method feeder but figure the hair link was too long as neither fish was hooked. At 21.45 a second small Tench of about 1lb. was taken on my paternoster rod, again on the strawberry maize and redworm hookbait. Both Tench gave me 6 points for the evening, though neither was very large, this lake appearing to hold a lot of small fish, though may not be a great site with a view to a big specimen. Still, a beautiful place to spend an evening all the same...
In addition, Simon took three small Pike from the boat on Malaren a few days ago, which gives him three points towards his point total for the season. The points table is now fully updated...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Zander....

Hi guys, well, first addition from me. Had to add this one. Out fishing on May 31st from about 7.30 am at kyrkaviken in Lidingö. A beautiful sunny day, well over 20 degree's. Fishing on the float for smaller fish and two livebaits out for pike (had 6.5kg pike here before) Around 9.30am the livebait float went under and I struck into a very solid fish. Felt very strange from the start as the fish went straight out for open water and very deep!! After about 10 minutes fight I finally caught a glimpse of the monster and was shocked to see a very angry zander (my first ever).  On my very poor scales it weighed in at around 3.8kg, a beautiful fish. I'll be going back again to try for more...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tyresö Nyfors; 17th June 2008

4lb 2oz. Tench

4lb 2oz. Tench


A night fishing trip this time for a change with Zander very much in mind. Things got of to a quick start for me with a cracking Tench of 4lb. 2oz. taken at the start of the session at 21.05 on a legered worm, a 5 point fish and a fin perfect specimen. Was not aware the species was present in the lake and this one really fought all the way to the bank.
We fished until 0300am., unfortunatly the results were not good. At least four Zander baits registered no takes at all, with the legered worm taking only one good fish, a Rudd of about 12oz. or so. A frustrating result with regard to a species that has eluded us for two years or more now....

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Malaren; 5th June 2008

9lb. 2oz. Pike

Simon with his first Pike of the day...

My first Pike of the day...

Lovely trip out in the boat with Jamie and Simon after Pike. The weather was incredible, an absolute scorcher, which affected the fishing no doubt, nevertheless got a few fish. I hooked up first to a fish of somewher in the 4-5lb class on a big bandit jerkbait, though did not weigh this one. Things were quiet for a bit after that fish, changed lures and I again hit a fish, this time a fine, really well conditioned Pike of 9lb. 2oz. which fought well. This one fell to a large jointed Rapala Rap-Shad.
Simon then began to catch, with three Pike coming to him in quick succession, all under the 5lb. mark. Jamie had a desperatly unlucky day, with several strikes and no fish landed, culminating with a very good fish that took a shallow running jerkbait. Unfortunatly the trace parted after a clutch failure on the reel he was using. Headed back in a short while later, a really enoyable session and great to get a few fish on lures. The outing earns three points for both Simon and I.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trehorningen; 3rd June 2008

2lb 9oz. Tench

2lb 9oz. Tench

1lb 15oz. Tench

Male Tench; 8oz.

Trehörningen Lake

Went after Tench today on my birthday, to a new venue, Trehörningen. Arrived to find a stunning lake, very picturesque, full of water lilies and it just screams Tench. Despite the later morning start and the very bright, sunny conditions I was hopeful of a fish due to the New Moon today and the fact that the moon low point was at 12.10pm.
Started fishing at 09.15am. and things were initially rather quiet. Fished just one rod, a 12 foot quivertip with a free running rig and worm as bait. A large Tench rolled on the surface in front of me early on. Several frustrating bites followed, each time the worms were stripped from the hook with only the tiniest movement of the rod. I then hooked and lost a good fish, presumably a Tench at 12.00 nooon. At 12.40 I banked my first Tench of the year, also my smallest ever, an 8oz. male that put up an amazing fight considering its size and had me wondering if I had hooked one of the lakes Crucian Carp! At 13.20 I banked a much better fish od 2lb 9oz., a really pleasing result. This was follow by another at 1.35pm., this one weighed 1lb. 15oz. and was a beautiful pale fish, just lovely to look at. Rudd were a constant nuisance and grabbed most of the baits before they could even hit the bottom, in the future will use sweetcorn or mini boilies to avoid them. Two Perch were caught, Bream too were in evidence, along with a single Roach.
No sign of Crucian Carp today, though some bubbling may have been by this species. Hopefully will get one on a future session at this lovely lake.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dreviken; 1st June 2008

1lb. 7oz. Rudd

1lb. 7oz. Rudd

A sweltering hot morning developed into a scorching day, bright blue skies and strong sun killed the fishing. Started fishing at 08.45am and struggled to tempt a bite, had to set up a float rig on the bait rod to secure a couple of small Perch livebaits, both of which would eventually be released after the session, with no interest at all from predators of any kind. Just four bites on the leger rig for the whole session, a paltry result! Only managed to hit one of these bites at 10.40am, was really suprised by the resistance I met upon striking. A really nice Rudd of 1lb. 7oz. was gratefully landed, the fish is worth 4pts. and made the days efforts worthwhile...
Trigger Times; Moon South at 10.10am.