Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waxholm; 26th June 2008

4lb 13oz. Pike

11oz. Perch

Grabbed the rods, reels, scales, camera, a few weights and a packet of size 10 hooks and headed out to Waxholm for a few hours light fishing for Perch. My first cast produced a good bite and I struck into a very strong fish that absoloubtly hooped my 12 foot swingtip leger rod over. I was dreaming about a monster Perch for 5 minutes as it stayed deep and took line every time I tried to bring it to the surface. When it did break the surface my dreams were dashed, a Pike of 4lb 13oz. had taken my worms of the bottom! The fish was well hooked in the scissors of the jaw, away from the teeth and it was landed, photographed and slipped back in. A truly unbelievable fight on the ultralight rod, it only it could of been the Perch I thought it might be!
Lots of Perch biting, all small at first, but things did improve steadily as the sun dropped lower, leading to three fish over .75lb before I had to leave at 19.15 to watch the Euro '08 semi-final! Might be well worth an evening in the area with small livebaits for, hopefully, a big, big Perch...

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