Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stockholm; 30th May 2007

Out in the evening with Karl and Ian. Tried at new site at Vårby Gard. After Karl caught a small jack pike and gained a point we caught little else and decided to move back into the city and try Stockholm Strom. Using worm for a couple of hours yielded a fine .59kilo(1lb 3oz.) Perch. Also managed a couple of Ruff, a small species and it seems a night feeder.
PointsKarl; 1pt. (Karl also had another Pike 2 days ago and gets a point for that also.)
Al; 2pts.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vaxholm; 27th May 2007

Out on Vaxholm this evening for 4 hrs from 6pm onwards. Fishing brisk with tons of bites on the leger, too many in fact to use both rods. Suprisingly the main culprit was Silver Bream, with about 4o fish caught. One or two were close to half a pound or so in weight, which is respectable for this species. A single Perch of about 8oz. was caught at 7pm. The rest were all small roach.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tyresta Slott; 19th May 2007

Went out after work, bit frustrating as I arrived at 04.55am only to waste 45 minutes struggling to catch bait at the bridge while another angler landed 3 Pike averaging around 5lb while I was there. Eventually got a small roach and moved to the tip where I found bait was easily caught! The first cast led to an immediate run which proved to be this small jack pike. The bait it took was half its owm length! Caught at 05.55. Saw a few large fish over the next 15 minutes swirling but got no mre pike in the session. Loads of Roach and Perch, though nothing big enough for points....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tyresta Slott; 17th May 2007

Went out for dawn today and it turned out to be a really fantastic morning weatherwise. On arrival we were suprised to stumble on two young Moose in the grounds of the slott. Started fishing soon after and Karl hooked and landed a super Pike at 05.20hrs. The fish weighed in at 5.2kilo(11lbs.3oz.) Fishing was fairly quiet after that and we only managed a few Roach and a couple of Perch before we moved back to the inner area. Other people were fishing here and we were very suprised to see this Tench taken out by a swedish angler at 13.00, a scarce fish in the baltic sea. This fish weighed 3-4lb. Also saw 3 large Bream hooked, which were all lost by various anglers due to fishing with tackle that was to light to land the fish. Managed a lot of Roach and a smaller Bream during the early afternoon before we left...
Present; Al, Rafa, Karl and James.
Moon rise time was 03.22am, Karls pike caught at 05.20am.
This fish at 5.2kilos is worth 5pts. to Karl.
Points to date are;
Kev; 0pts
Ian; 0 pts.
Baz; 0pts.
Jim; 0pts.
James; opts.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Möya, May 5th 2007

Be warned, this may happen to you if you bring your girlfriend fishing. She fished me under the table. A perch weighing 0.73kilo and 2 Pike under 5lb. Amazingly she caught both pike on worms!! The gloves are because she saw the teeth on the pike...
I got nothing lads...