Monday, September 24, 2007

Updated Points Table

Updated points Table is as follows;

Al;58 pts.
Rafa;18 pts.
Karl;11 pts.
Linda;6 pts.
Kevin;2 pts.
Simon;2 pts.
Jim;0 pts.
Baz;0 pts.
James;0 pts.

With just three months left in 2007 several species have not been caught by anyone. These include Eel, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon, Burbot, Dace, Chub, Grayling, Cod, Flounder, Ide and Zander amongst others.
A great time of the year for fishing over the next 6-8 weeks. Seatrout start to run in earnest in three weeks, as do Salmon in smaller numbers in Stockholm Strom. Perch, Pike and Zander are all feeding heavily in deeper water and the next 6 weeks are the best chance of a monster fish. Bottom baits are by far the best, though perch may come to lures and jigs too.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vaxholm; 23rd September 2007

Vaxholm Sunset

Perch for the table...

1lb 2oz. Perch

Harry with a Perch of around 12oz.

2lb 3oz. Bream
A very enjoyable day today at Vaxholm fishing for Perch. Ran into a good friend, Harry Byrne, who had popped out to do a little fishing for the day with Marika. Karl soon followed us and we had a cracker of an evening fishing away in glorious indian summer weather.
First good fish was a suprise in the form of a .99kilo(2lb 3oz.) Bream on the legered worm.(1 point) Soon after we were all catching Perch with plenty of bites coming on the rods. Karl and I got one Perch each weighing 1lb 2oz. which gave us 2 points each. Soon after lost what felt like a very good perch which took a livebait off the bottom. The evening closed out with a glorious sunset over the water before we left, taking a few fish with us for the table...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vaxholm; 19th September 2007 2007

9oz. Perch

15oz. Perch

Superb three and a half hours fishing today in deep water. Ledgered worm was the method, though I was sorry I did not carry some livebaiting tackle out after two very large Perch snapped on to smaller Perch while I was playing them. About 40 Perch caught altogether, many of them over a half pound, several went very close to a pound, though none did manage! A lot of feeding fish attacking baitfish at the surface towards dusk and live bait may well be the way forward for some very large fish...

Äldalalven; September 2007

... a few days out with the lads up north. The fishing was a little dissapointing to be honest, but all but six of the eight present managed to catch Perch on the second day. Beautiful area to spend time in and another day would of been very welcome.