Wednesday, January 30, 2008

30th January 2008; First fish of 2008...

Finally after several trips out this year in the winter cold a fish to show for the effort. Made the trip up to Kungsangen with Simon today to lure fish for Pike and duly caught this fish of around 3.5lb after an hour or so on a double bladed american style bass lure. The fish is worth just a single point but was most welcome after several blanks whilst after Pike and Seatrout over the last four weeks. Hopefully a lot more to come in the coming months, rather hard work right now in cold weather, though Pike will soon be returning to the spawning grounds and giving oppurtunities to catch that elusive monster fish...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 Fantasy Fishing League Results

Fantasy Fishing League Results 2007!

Another year passed already and time to add the bonus points for the biggest of each species caught. Biggest fish of each species caught as follows..

Pike; 12lb 8oz., Tyresö Slott; 5th April 2007; Al.
Perch; 1lb 10oz., Tyresö Slott; 30th August 2008; Al.
Roach; 2lb. 8oz., Dalarna; 15th July 2007; Rafal.
Rudd; 1lb 9oz., Drevviken; 18th June 2007; Al.
Bream; 3lb 3oz., Tyresö Slott; 30th August 2007; Al.
Tench; 4lb 3oz., Drevviken; 27th August 2007; Al.

This gives Rafal 12 bonus points for what was without doubt the best catch of the year for his huge Roach at Dalarna. Al picks up 60 bonus points for the remaining five species. 12 further points are awarded to the biggest fish of the year, the Pike caught by Al in April at Tyresö...

With the 2008 Fantasy Fishing League now open it is worth noting that a lot of species were not caught at all in 2007. Notable absentees include Salmon, Brown trout, Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Chub,Dace, Eel, Carp, Crucian Carp, Flounder and incredibly Zander. Any one specimen of these species, had they been caught in 2007 would of yielded 12 bonus points for their captor.With this in mind 2008 could well be a good year if certain species are pursued at the right time of the year. Seatrout are available until the end of Febuary and again from November onwards. Pike spawning will be in March/April. Drevviken for Rudd and Tench from May to July. Zander from May through the summer months is a species long overdue. Eel in a simular time frame to Zander. Rainbow Trout are readily available at several fisheries from May until September. Brown Trout, Grayling, Dace and Chub require a trip north to the rivers where they are readily available too....

Final 2007 Table as follows...
Al; 130 Pts.
Rafal; 30 Pts.
Karl; 11 Pts.
Linda; 6Pts.
Simon; 3Pts.
Kev; 2Pts.

Jim and James both failed to score, though only got out for one day in 2007. Baz failed to score as he was not out at all once during the year! No armchair award is available Baz! The table pretty much reflects the hours spent out fishing and there is no real shortcut to catching a lot of fish, hours on the bank pay off.
Here's to a great 2008 to you all and hope to see you all out there! Thanks to all for a great year in 2007 and some great days out... Hopefully can organise a trip or two away in the coming year and encourage a few more people to get out into the fresh air. Though it is not easy for us all to get out as much as we used to due to family commitments and work, hope 2008 will be a good one for you all in every way.