Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dammtorp; Tench Fishing

 1.41 Kilo, a lovely Tench late on the evening on float fished maggot....

1.13Kilo, this fish came almost straight away..

Spent the evening Tench fishing at Dammtorp with Ed, whilst Karl dropped out to get his face into a photo before heading off.
 We were using float tackle, standard wagglers, I used maggot as bait while Ed opted for gilthead worms and a grain of sweetcorn. We grounbaited with a litle sweetcorn as well as loose maggots and I had a bite immediatel. A small Rudd! Then another bite. Another small Rudd! Then another bite..
 I was expecting a Rudd but the fish pulled back far to hard and started to fight in a manner that meant only one thing, Tench. After a good scrap on light line Ed slipped the net under her and I had my first Dammtorp Tench of 1.13kilo. Took a photo and slipped her back and fished on. It was three hours later before any action, despite Tench bubbling in the swim occasionally. I eventually loose fed some  maggots with th catapult, soon fizzing bubbles began to rise to the surface and after what seemed an age the fish had followed the trail into my swim. Bubbles were all around the float for a few minutes before the fish took my bait and the float lifted upwards. This fish almost did not know it was hooked and practically swam into the net for me before going ballistic! The fish was a cracking deep specimen of 1.41kilo, nice. Ed then had a reasonable Rudd, before frustratingly lossing a Tench before we packed up in fading light...