Monday, March 25, 2019

Handmade Pike lures with holographic fiol

 Small tailbait for shallow water, with silver holographic foil and motoroil McMio tail. Owner trebles.

 Small shallow running jerkbait, with red holographic foil over natural wood finish.

 Large slow sinking Jerkbait, red holographic foil, handpainted. Finished with Owner treble hooks.

 Large Tailbait for shallow water, made with silver holographic foil. Screw on McMy Tail and Owner treble hooks.

Medium slow singing tailbait made with brown holographic foil, handpainted and finished with a motoroil tail and Owner treble hooks.

The latest batch of lures will be the last for this winter. Looking forward to testing these out soon and hopefully catching a few toothy critters on them. Watch this space...

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Pike fishing in 2018

My first pike of the year was at Kyrkviken in Stockholm, a small fish, but most welcome. The day itself was frustrating as we saw many fish, though they were preoccupied with spawning and were not interested in our lures for the most part.

A highlight of the year was the now annual trip to Dalälven, a superb location to fish for Pike and other species. We spent three days on the water and had a great time lure fishing, catching good numbers of Pike as well. The area is one of stunning beauty and it is a wonderful experience to spend time in such a location.

July was a month of searing hot weather and I spent a few weeks up north in Vasterbotten at that time. Fishing at the location of out summer cottage, I enjoyed fantastic sport with Pike on most evenings, with the fish hitting lures freely on most evenings. The fish in the area are not huge in summer, though they are present in good numbers and the sport is hectic at times. A few evenings were recorded with the GoPro cameras, with all four clips above assembled from footage shot during the visit.