Thursday, August 24, 2006

Älvekärleby, 22nd August 2006

Hired boats out for the day and dropped down to the lower reaches to coarse fish, no large predators caught though. Best fish was a cracking .54 kg Roach(2pts) caught on legered sweetcorn, also a perch for Al on legered roach livebait. Lots of Roach, Bream; Ruff, Perch and Dace(Kevin) were taken.
Micky Monk dropped up to join us for the day and caught his first fish ever. Ruff and Bream. No Points!
Finished off the trip with a great barbeque, beers and bottle of Remy Martin. Great trip, thanks to all tha lads, hope the fish are kinder to us next time!

Älvekärleby, 21st August 2006

All up early for intensive days Salmon and Seatrout fishing. Kevin flyfished while the rest of us spun lures and flies just over the bottom in the upper section of the river, Kevin managed a small Brown Trout. Despite 12 hours hard fishing, no Salmon or Seatrout banked, although one fish was hooked and managed to slip the hook after just 30 seconds.
Three fish registered today, the largest a stunning 15.6kg salmon! A 2kg Seatrout also hooked by a neighbour in the fishcamp, pictured above.
Fathead also managed to foulhook a fish, initially thought to be a roach/bream hybrid... This was in fact a Silver Bream, not a bad one either... Never weighed this fish, a half pound fish would be worth three points!!

Älvekärleby, 20th August 2006

Trip finally under way. Kevin, Pat, Fathead, Jim, Barry and myself arrived up at Älvekärleby fishcamp at 13.00. Spent the first evening coarse fishing, catching Bream, Roach, Bleak, and Perch. Nothing caught that qualified for points though. Afterwards had a cracking barbeque before going to bed early.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hällögern, Norrland

Honest lads, I was not drunk...

My first of three Sik. The good news is I caught them all in a net, so they dont count! Oh well!

Looking forward to the big trip to Alvekarleby tomorrow, three days of great craic altogether and a lot of fishing!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Huge Salmon; Stockholm Ström; 9th August 2006

Out fishing for Zander last night again from 2.30am. The Zander again preoccupied with small whitefish on the surface and couldn't tempt a bite on lures. Managed to catch two perch on the ledger, but Zander were not interested in them at all as bait, completely ignoring them in front of their noses.
Crossed to the other side of the bridge where at about 4am there was a massive rise 20 metres out. Five minutes later the biggest freshwater fish either Karl or I have ever seen swam right under us. I thought it was a large piece of debris at first, then an otter, then a seal, before it came into clear view and was obviously the mother of all Salmon.
The fish was truly enormous. Well over a metre long, certainly between 130cm and 150cm. The stunning thing about the fish though was it's breadth, at least 16 inches, perhaps as much as 20 inches across.
Having caught a 15lb fish here last year I can say that this fish dwarfed that. There is no way this fish was less than 35lb in weight and possibly 10lb, or more, heavier than that.
Saw another Salmon clear the water a while later, a high double figure fish, so there are definitely salmon in the area waiting for the sluice gates to open.
Can only imagine the fight a fish like that would put up, let's dream on! In the meantime it's down there still and has whetted my appetite for the upcoming trip north to Alvkarleby in ten days...