Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Huge Salmon; Stockholm Ström; 9th August 2006

Out fishing for Zander last night again from 2.30am. The Zander again preoccupied with small whitefish on the surface and couldn't tempt a bite on lures. Managed to catch two perch on the ledger, but Zander were not interested in them at all as bait, completely ignoring them in front of their noses.
Crossed to the other side of the bridge where at about 4am there was a massive rise 20 metres out. Five minutes later the biggest freshwater fish either Karl or I have ever seen swam right under us. I thought it was a large piece of debris at first, then an otter, then a seal, before it came into clear view and was obviously the mother of all Salmon.
The fish was truly enormous. Well over a metre long, certainly between 130cm and 150cm. The stunning thing about the fish though was it's breadth, at least 16 inches, perhaps as much as 20 inches across.
Having caught a 15lb fish here last year I can say that this fish dwarfed that. There is no way this fish was less than 35lb in weight and possibly 10lb, or more, heavier than that.
Saw another Salmon clear the water a while later, a high double figure fish, so there are definitely salmon in the area waiting for the sluice gates to open.
Can only imagine the fight a fish like that would put up, let's dream on! In the meantime it's down there still and has whetted my appetite for the upcoming trip north to Alvkarleby in ten days...

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