Friday, March 30, 2007

Aspudden/Sickla Udde;30th March 2007

First fish of the season were taken out today on a lovely sunny spring day. Aspudden was the first location tried but yielded just a small roach on ledgered worm, the first fish taken out of the water this year, a whopping tiddler! After nice views of a White Tailed Sea Eagle being harrased by gulls Karl and myself soon decided the fishing was poor and the time had come to move on...
The move to Sickla proved worth it in the end. Deadbaits had not taken any pike so we switched to spinners five minutes before packing up. Two minutes later a 1.73 Kilo Pike(just under 4lb.) was landed by myself right at the death. Nice end to a nice day.
Hope to see you guys out there soon enjoying the spring! Trip on Sunday, April 1st is going ahead.
Points Today; Al...1pt.