Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Updated Points Table

1st; Al............... 23pts.
2nd; Kev.......... 9pts.
3rd; Fathead... 5pts.
4th; Paddy...... 3pts.
5th; Baz........... 2pts.
6th; Rafa, Ian.. 0pts.
7th; Jim.......... -3pts.

24th July 2006; Sagsjon

24th July 2006; Sagsjon
Fathead, Baz, Al.
Points; Karl; Perch 2pts.

Another frustrating day. Heatwave is causing the fishing to be very slow, no Pike at all today, even had problems catching bait. That was why Karl was using a perch livebait instead of roach or bream when it was demolished by this lovely .62 kilo Perch, by far the best fish of the day, two points to the fathead there...
Tried for Zander between 11pm and 2.30am at Stockholm Ström from the bridge. Zander everywhere, cruising into shoals of baitfish right on the surface, wouldn't touch any lure known to man though. Had a few follow lures, eventually turned away though as if realizing the lures were not food. Very frustrating! Actually it drove us mental!!
Will have to try with livebait in the near future...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

18th July 2006; Vaxholm

Fishing poor due to heatwave, no pike biting at all today. Managed several Perch up to 3/4lb.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Latest Points!

Latest fish caught mean the table looks like this...

1st; Al; 23pts.
2nd; Kev; 9pts
3rd; Pat; Karl; 3pts.
4th; Baz; 2pts.
5th; Rafa, Ian; 0 Pts.
6th; Jim; -3pts.

13th July 2006; Vaxholm

A good day out today, with good numbers of fish caught. Several good perch caught, with one over 1lb. falling to Baz on a mepps spinner. Karl did well for Bream with fis to .5 kilo. Largest roach caught at .27 kilo. No Pike today. Raz caught his first fish!

Al, Kev, Karl, Baz, Raz(age 7)
Poits; Baz; 2 Pts.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Salmon are back lads!

Just a note to let you all know that salmon are back in Stockholm Ström. Kev was out on Skeppsholmen for two hours and saw several fish surface and jump clear, including some very large fish.....
Well worth a few hours effort in the evening lads!

Friday, July 07, 2006

6th july 2006; Magalungen.

Al, Karl; Ian
Fish Caught; Karl; 1 Pike; 1pt.

Tried for Zander in the evening, bur plagued by mosquitoes despite repellent!
Best Perch was Ian at .27 kg

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Points to Date

1st; Al;23pts.
2nd;kev; 9pts.
3rd;Paddy; 3pts.
4th;Fathead; 2pts.
5th;Baz, Rafa;0pts.
6th; Poor Oul Jim; -3pts (but he enjoys it all the same!)

29th June 2006, Sickla Udde

Al, Jim, Fathead.
Sickla Udde.
Fish caught; Fathead; 5lb Pike (2 Pts.)

28th June 2006, Kungsängen

Al, Paddy, Baz.
Fish caught; Paddy 1xPike (1pt.)
Al, 1xPike (1pt.)

11th June 2006, Tom's Lake

Tom, Kev, al, Fathead, Baz, Jim.
Tom's lake.
Fish caught: Tom; 1xPike (1pt.)
Al; 4xPike,Perch .61 kilo. (6pts.)
Al fell into lake! (-5pts.)

29th May 2006, Vaxholm.

Al, Paddy.
Fish Caught; Paddy; Pike 5lbs,

15th May 2006, Skeppsholmen.

Al, Fathead.
Fish Caught; Al; 3x Seatrout; 9pts.

14th May 2006, Dreviken.

Fathead, Rafa, Jim, Baz, Al.
Points, Jim; Not a Sausage; -3pts.

12th May 2006, Skeppsholmen

Fish Caught;3xSeatrout; 9pts.

11th May 2006, Vaxholm.

Fathead, Al, Baz.
Fish Caught; Al Perch !lb, 2.5lb

S.F.F.L. Points Table

here it is, the holy grail.....

Saturday, July 01, 2006


1. Only fish caught within Sweden count.
2. All fish must be landed and weighed to qualify
3. Fish must be weghed on scales known to be accurate to rest of group
4. No more than two rods to be used at any one time by one person.
5. Apart from designated species (eg. Burbot), only the top 20 specimens of each species will be included in total points at end of the calender year.
6. All points awarded according to the Slainte Fantasy Fishing League Table. Any grievances with table may be forwarded, table can only be changed by unanimous agreement of all members.

Current Members.

Current Members to date;

Al D
Paddy C
Kev M
Tom S
Jim K

Slainte Fantasy Fishing League

Formed in 2006, the Slainte Fantasy Fishing League is a fun friendly competive league between a group of workmates and friends in Stockholm, Sweden. Over the next few months I will try to develop this blog so that members of the league can view the blog to check on there progress, or lack of it over the coming months...
Any damage to personal egos or emotions is entirely intentional...

Tight lines boys!