Tuesday, July 25, 2006

24th July 2006; Sagsjon

24th July 2006; Sagsjon
Fathead, Baz, Al.
Points; Karl; Perch 2pts.

Another frustrating day. Heatwave is causing the fishing to be very slow, no Pike at all today, even had problems catching bait. That was why Karl was using a perch livebait instead of roach or bream when it was demolished by this lovely .62 kilo Perch, by far the best fish of the day, two points to the fathead there...
Tried for Zander between 11pm and 2.30am at Stockholm Ström from the bridge. Zander everywhere, cruising into shoals of baitfish right on the surface, wouldn't touch any lure known to man though. Had a few follow lures, eventually turned away though as if realizing the lures were not food. Very frustrating! Actually it drove us mental!!
Will have to try with livebait in the near future...


mallet said...

"Mental" is way too mild a description of our state of mind that night! Just before seeing, but unsuccessfully catching, all the zander, I caught an ugly little fella on a worm which Alan informed me was a member of the perch family called a "ruff" - I've since found this: http://www.crazyaboutfishing.co.uk/show_species.asp?id=57
and learnt that it would have made great zander bait. Mental? Still? Yes.

alan dalton said...

Thought about that later too! Could of kept ledgering on yhe other side of the bridge and got some livebait!
Next time!