Thursday, September 04, 2014

Urban Zander Fishing; Stockholm; September 2014

 Karl's first ever Zander, a nice fish of 3lb, which took a small mepps type lure. He followed this with a second, smaller Zander!

Met Karl Stein for a short night session right in the centre of Stockholm city, the aim was for Salmon. On arrival there were Salmon everywhere, jumping clear and top tailing with plenty of fish over the twenty Pound mark. After dark other predators started hunting and we saw several Zander hitting baitfish on the top. Karl switched to a small mepps lure and immediately snagged on the bottom. He managed to free the lure, which was then taken with a rather gentle tap, before the rod arched over and began to buck. when the fish hit the Surface we were delighted to see Karl's first ever zander. which was a 3lb fish. This was followed by another of a pound a short while later when we were joined by a couple of local angler who told us of excellent fishing for Zander here in August, with fish well into double figures, topped by a high double this year, which we saw a photo of. Perhaps a Campaign is in order for a big Zed next summer, the season is comong to an end now. a livebaiting session would be rather interesting here...