Sunday, September 27, 2009

Waxholm; 27th September 2009

Rafa and a superb 0.72kilo(1lb. 11oz.) Perch. Big Perch do that to some people...

A lovely 0.50kilo(1lb. 1oz.) Perch for Karl saw him off the mark for the year on the table...

Fishing into a Waxholm sunset....

A great days fishing for Perch today at Waxholm, which always produces the goods at this time of the year. A lot of fish were taken during the course of the day, many of them reasonably sized Perch, with stacks of smaller fish and on a few occasions Pike were launcing themselves at our hooked fish as we drew them from the water. Myself, Linda, Karl, Rafal and Phil O Keefe all fished today and everyone caught good numbers of fish around the 3/4lb. Mark, as well as a few nice Roach and a couple of Bream. Ledgered worm was, as usual here, the killing method. Better fish came to Phil, with fish of 0.47(1lb.) and 0.50kilo(1lb. 1oz.), while Karl also chipped in with a fish of 0.50kilo(1lb.). Rafal topped the pound mark early, with the first really good Perch of the day, yet still managed to save the best for last, with a cracking Perch of 0.78kilo(1lb. 11oz.) late into the evening. This venue is capable of producing very large Perch indeed, well above 2lb. certainly, with perhaps a 3lb. fish a real possibility here as the fish gather to feed on the huge shoals of Bleak that gathere here at this time of the year. The fishing here doesn't last longer than threeor four weeks before the baitfish diperse to deeper water and the Perch follow. Always nice when the fishing is truly excellent and this was one of those days

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lidingö; 16th September 2009

Ed and Perch; the bugger weighed in at 15oz.!

Six hours today produced some nice Perch and a few roach, all on the legered worm. The livebaits were hit a couple of times but the baits were dropped each time. It seems the bigger fish may have left for deeper waters, we noticed a big drop in water temperture today. Nice photo of the biggest fish posted, as you can see the weather was rather nice this evening, super light in this shot, almost makes Ed look healthy...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strömmen; 10th September 2009

1lb. 20z. Seatrout on Legered worm for Simon in the afternoon sun!

Just a couple of hours at Strömmen today in the afternoon, the sun beating down. Fishing was excellent though, lots of bites and plenty of small Perch and a few nice Roach too. A Perch of 1lb 2oz. (2 Pts.) fell to my rod before Simon stole the show with a lovely Seatrout of the same weight, a 3 point fish. I will be doing a night session here as soon as I have the time off!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Oldie and a Goldie...

Me with a Tench that weighed over 5lb. Class photograph dug up whilst I was home in Dublin.
The hair is even better looking than the fish, check out the expensive Jimmy Nail shirt...

Early Days fishing for Rudd in Dublin. Laugh it up boys!
Couple of cracking old photos for you lot! Any slagging and I won't lend any of you any more livebait or worms!