Friday, August 24, 2012

Urban Salmon Fishing; Stockholm City, Sweden.

I was down on Skeppsbron today checking the gulls for rarities among them, a cracking sunny day it was too! After a while I wandered up tp Stockholm Strommen, passing by the crews setting up for the Triatalon World Championships. On arrival at Strommen it was apparent there were a few fishermen around and the reason became clear, the sluice gates have been opened for 24hrs. on account of the triathalon! I watched for 30 minutes as around eight fishermen fished trot leger flies across the current in wide arcs, before there was a hook up, a what a fight it gave it's captor! This cracker weighed 22lb., a pristine fish in perfect condition.
 The Salmon rune is well underway in the centre of the city, the royal palaces here are the backdrop. Salmon now running in numbers, with the peak still to come. Seatrout are also running, though the peak will be a little later, a phemonenal Seatrout venues this with double figure fish not unusual and twenty pound plus fish occasionally taken. Urban fishing maybe, but the quality of fish being caught here is quite remarkable...