Monday, April 07, 2014

Sik; Tyresö Slott; 6th April 2014

A day of suprises. Arrived just after dawn with Andy Shaw, the intention being to fish for Pike. We both got two dead baits out and the legered a worm in the hope of catching a livebait or two. Nothing happened for an hour, except for both of us getting slowly soaked by the constant light rain. An easterly wind made life very unpleasant indeed. Around 08.20am Andy had a ripping bites and lost a good fish in front of our eyes, there was no doubt that the culprit was a good Sik of about 3lb. Happily, we hade another chance and we managed to hook one Sik each , Andy taking the biggest specimen. These fish fought well, in fact as well ans the two landed we lost two fish. A decent result on a day when Pike were just not interested