Thursday, March 06, 2008

Burbot! Tyresö; 6th March 2008

One of the reasons I love fishing is you never know what's next and occasionally you get a very nice surprise. This Burbot, caught whilst deadbaiting for Pike in the middle of a sunny afternnon must rank as the biggest surprise yet! After five hours float ledgering two stromming deatbaits without a sign of a fish, just as I was thinking about packing up at 13.25, one of the floats slid away and I struck into a rather dour, dogged fighting fish. I was thinking it had to be a Pike and was amazed when is came to hand and I saw what it was. The fish tipped the scales at 2.87kilo(6lb 5oz.) and is worth 8 points.
Burbot are members of the Cod family, feed at night(apparently sometimes during the day!) and are active in the winter months. They are very rarely caught around Stockholm and this is a very large individual. a super fish, an absolute zoo creature! These fish hunt and scavenge on the bottom, mainly by scent. Would be interesting to try a night session in the same spot and see if there are more to be caught. Certainly one of the best fish I will ever catch...
From now on will try to record weather and other data here on the blog as reference for the future, may help to keep a diary of these details for future reference...

Weather; Bright and sunny. High pressure, though dropping.Light Northerly wind; Temp; +5 Centigrade.
Moon Phase; (New Moon-1), Trigger times 0920,1120(South),1320


Broman Rattler
Tiny deep diving plug, good Perch Lure with vigorous action...

Broman Minnow
Deep diver, takes mainly Perch, Zander ant Trout.

Broman Wobbler
Small wobbler, takes wideerange of predatory species

Abu Tormentor
Classic Plug. Large model great for Pike and big Zander.

Buster Jerk
Superb taker of Pike, often larger specimens.
Was rather bored before my Burbot grabbed my deadbait today, so much so I was photographing lures for something to do! Would be a shame not to use the photos, so here they are!