Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dammtorp; July 2011

 Andy Shaw with his first Tench; 1.66kilo.

Spent the evening at Dammtorp with Andy Shaw. We float fished with gilthead worm and sweetcorn as bait, always a good bait. At about 4pm Andy got a small Ruud, before losing a good fish, almost certainly a Tench. A while later Tench bubbles fizzed about his float, before it sailed away. The fish gave him a great fight before we slipped the net under it, a long female fish that weighed 1.66kilo despite having just spawned. This was Andy's first Tench and he was well happy with himself.
 The rest of the evening was, to say the least, frustrating. Fish bubbled everywhere in the swim, perhaps four or five fish, yet the floats registered only line bites as the fish swam around our baits for two or three hours without touching them. We concluded the fish had either detected our hooks and heavy braided line or they were preoccupied feeding of the small pellets I had groundbaited the swim with. Next time we will try light mono line and bait smaller hooks with maggot, groundbaiting with the same...