Thursday, August 24, 2006

Älvekärleby, 21st August 2006

All up early for intensive days Salmon and Seatrout fishing. Kevin flyfished while the rest of us spun lures and flies just over the bottom in the upper section of the river, Kevin managed a small Brown Trout. Despite 12 hours hard fishing, no Salmon or Seatrout banked, although one fish was hooked and managed to slip the hook after just 30 seconds.
Three fish registered today, the largest a stunning 15.6kg salmon! A 2kg Seatrout also hooked by a neighbour in the fishcamp, pictured above.
Fathead also managed to foulhook a fish, initially thought to be a roach/bream hybrid... This was in fact a Silver Bream, not a bad one either... Never weighed this fish, a half pound fish would be worth three points!!

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