Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vaxholm; 23rd September 2007

Vaxholm Sunset

Perch for the table...

1lb 2oz. Perch

Harry with a Perch of around 12oz.

2lb 3oz. Bream
A very enjoyable day today at Vaxholm fishing for Perch. Ran into a good friend, Harry Byrne, who had popped out to do a little fishing for the day with Marika. Karl soon followed us and we had a cracker of an evening fishing away in glorious indian summer weather.
First good fish was a suprise in the form of a .99kilo(2lb 3oz.) Bream on the legered worm.(1 point) Soon after we were all catching Perch with plenty of bites coming on the rods. Karl and I got one Perch each weighing 1lb 2oz. which gave us 2 points each. Soon after lost what felt like a very good perch which took a livebait off the bottom. The evening closed out with a glorious sunset over the water before we left, taking a few fish with us for the table...

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