Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tyresta Slott; 17th May 2007

Went out for dawn today and it turned out to be a really fantastic morning weatherwise. On arrival we were suprised to stumble on two young Moose in the grounds of the slott. Started fishing soon after and Karl hooked and landed a super Pike at 05.20hrs. The fish weighed in at 5.2kilo(11lbs.3oz.) Fishing was fairly quiet after that and we only managed a few Roach and a couple of Perch before we moved back to the inner area. Other people were fishing here and we were very suprised to see this Tench taken out by a swedish angler at 13.00, a scarce fish in the baltic sea. This fish weighed 3-4lb. Also saw 3 large Bream hooked, which were all lost by various anglers due to fishing with tackle that was to light to land the fish. Managed a lot of Roach and a smaller Bream during the early afternoon before we left...
Present; Al, Rafa, Karl and James.
Moon rise time was 03.22am, Karls pike caught at 05.20am.
This fish at 5.2kilos is worth 5pts. to Karl.
Points to date are;
Kev; 0pts
Ian; 0 pts.
Baz; 0pts.
Jim; 0pts.
James; opts.

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Toffee man. said...

Dont know who's head is bigger. The ugly one or the fish!!