Monday, June 30, 2008

Malaren 14-15th June


My first ever lure cought pike!! about 1.5kg

Second ever lure cought pike, 2.6kg

A nice weekend away at a friends country house on the island of Alholmen (somewhere after Ekero) Tried lure fishing for the first time ever and to my surprise, actually caught something. Caught both pike within 10 minutes at the same spot. All in all a pretty quite weekend though but some good spots so worth a return trip soon.


Alan Dalton said...

Nice one Edd, bigger pike of the two is a really nicely marked fish. Did you weigh the Bream? Could be a points fish possibly! Pike are worth three points altogether...

Alan Dalton said...

Catch the Pike around 9.20am on the first day or 10am on the second? Thats my best guess, reckon within two hours of that time on both days.... said...

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