Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lidingö; 30th July 2008

0.9kg Perch

1,2kg perch

1,2kg Perch

Out at my favourite spot this morning hopin for another Zander or a pike. Arrived about 07.30 and started catching small perch on worm straight away. About 10.30 the livebait float went under and I struck into what I thought was a small pike. Was very pleased to see a huge perch instead! Weighed in at about 1,2kg. 10 minutes later the other float went under producing a good perch just under 1kg. Both caught on small perch livebait.. I'll be going back again soon!


Alan Dalton said...

Absolute stonkers Edd! 1.2kg is a great Perch!

Alan Dalton said...

Larger Perch works out at 2lb 10oz., a real specimen fish, a great result. Added it to your points total, a whopping 10 point fish! The smaller Perch is just a fraction under 2lb and gets a further 4 points!