Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Trehorningen; 3rd June 2008

2lb 9oz. Tench

2lb 9oz. Tench

1lb 15oz. Tench

Male Tench; 8oz.

Trehörningen Lake

Went after Tench today on my birthday, to a new venue, Trehörningen. Arrived to find a stunning lake, very picturesque, full of water lilies and it just screams Tench. Despite the later morning start and the very bright, sunny conditions I was hopeful of a fish due to the New Moon today and the fact that the moon low point was at 12.10pm.
Started fishing at 09.15am. and things were initially rather quiet. Fished just one rod, a 12 foot quivertip with a free running rig and worm as bait. A large Tench rolled on the surface in front of me early on. Several frustrating bites followed, each time the worms were stripped from the hook with only the tiniest movement of the rod. I then hooked and lost a good fish, presumably a Tench at 12.00 nooon. At 12.40 I banked my first Tench of the year, also my smallest ever, an 8oz. male that put up an amazing fight considering its size and had me wondering if I had hooked one of the lakes Crucian Carp! At 13.20 I banked a much better fish od 2lb 9oz., a really pleasing result. This was follow by another at 1.35pm., this one weighed 1lb. 15oz. and was a beautiful pale fish, just lovely to look at. Rudd were a constant nuisance and grabbed most of the baits before they could even hit the bottom, in the future will use sweetcorn or mini boilies to avoid them. Two Perch were caught, Bream too were in evidence, along with a single Roach.
No sign of Crucian Carp today, though some bubbling may have been by this species. Hopefully will get one on a future session at this lovely lake.

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