Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tyresö Nyfors; 17th June 2008

4lb 2oz. Tench

4lb 2oz. Tench


A night fishing trip this time for a change with Zander very much in mind. Things got of to a quick start for me with a cracking Tench of 4lb. 2oz. taken at the start of the session at 21.05 on a legered worm, a 5 point fish and a fin perfect specimen. Was not aware the species was present in the lake and this one really fought all the way to the bank.
We fished until 0300am., unfortunatly the results were not good. At least four Zander baits registered no takes at all, with the legered worm taking only one good fish, a Rudd of about 12oz. or so. A frustrating result with regard to a species that has eluded us for two years or more now....

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