Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tyresö;5th April 2007

A fantastic few hours fishing had today with 4 Pike in a 1 hour 25 minute spell, with the first thre all falling to my own rods in just 15 minutes! The first fish, caught at 11.05am, was the largest, a really long fish, though rather thin and most probably just finished spawning, and weighed in at 5.69Kilos(12.51lbs). This fish was also badly marked up on the rear flanks, perhaps also most likely due to spawning, no doubt though that in good condition this fish would have been at least 15lb or more.
The second fish was taken at 11.15am and weighed in at 2.77 Kilo(6.09lbs), before the third almost immediatly took another float drifted stromming bait at 11.20am and was duly weighed in at 3.08Kilos(6.77lbs).
Karl arived in time to see the two smaller pike landed before duly hooking one himself at 12.30pm, this was a cracking fish too and tipped the scales at 4.04Kilos(8.88lbs) and gave Karl a new personal best. Things then remained quite before we had to leave at 1500hrs. Unfortunately Rafa had to leave early for work but still managed to get his childs pram into the picture of the bigger fish for posterity!

Weather;Wind Nw, f4. Bright at fist before clouding over at 12.30pm.
Moon at highest point today at 13.35pm, Full moon two days ago on April 3rd.

Points; Alan--9pts. for 3 fish, (Total 12pts.)
Karl--2pts. for 1 fish, (Total 2pts)

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Mo said...

The fuckin' size of them bad boys! Keep up the good work.