Monday, July 16, 2007

Drevviken, 16th July 2007

Went to Drevviken for the day and Linda followed me out at 4pm. Fishing very slow with Rudd again the predominant species. The best two Rudd came in at .35kilo(12.340z.) and .36kilo(12.69oz) and combined are worth two points. Actually thought I had just missed out on the 3/4 Pound mark with these fish until I converted the weights online when I got home...
Linda had a nice Rudd not far off the required weight, also had a Perch of about .75lb as well as some Roach and Loi.
As darkness fell constant twitchy bites had us driven crazy before we realized the culprits were not fish as such but Crayfish. Seems to be a huge population of them here at the moment and it is practically impossible to bottom fish after dusk with worm or meat baits after dusk begins to fall.
Other news today came by mobile text from Rafal in Dalarna where he took a monster Roach tonight of 2.5lb on sweetcorn oil flavoured boilie. A superb fish which will give him 12 points straight up and must be almost a certainty to be the biggest Roach of the season.

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