Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tyresta Slott; 30th August 2007

3.10 Kilo Pike
.75 Kilo Perch

.96 Kilo Pike

1.46 Kilo Bream

1.46 Kilo Bream

A great evening out at the Slott with Simon today. Simon took his fist Pike of the season on Sunday and was hoping to add to his point today. Shortly after arriving he hooked a nice Pike on a Zalt plug, unfortunatly the hookhold gave just as it was about to be taken from the water and he lost it, somewhere around 4lb..
After a small Perch on the legered worm I was then really suprised to land a really good Bream of 1.46kilo(3lb 3oz.) The fish is worth 3 points on the table.These fish are obviously in the area and perhaps a large amount of ground bait might bring some more large fish to the net.
More action soon followed when my Perch livebait was taken by a super 3.10kilo(6lb 13oz.)Pike which gave me a great scrap before it was banked. This gave me another 2 points. Another Perch livebait went back out and was taken soon later, this time by a cracking cannibal Perch which weighed in at .75kilo(1lb 10oz.) This was worth 4 points to me and was perhaps the best fish of the day. It also gave a really good account of itself and battled all the way to the bank. Simon then wrapped up a super evening with a lovely .96kilo(2lb 2oz.) Pike which also fell to the Zalt plug and gave him a point for the day..
The fishing seems to be picking up as the water cools and the fish begin to feed hard to build up tone for the winter months.

Tyresö Slott

Tyresö Sunset

Apart from the wonderful fishing at the site the scenery here is stunning. The sunset that brought the curtain down on the evening was stunning....


toffee man said...

Still think I should have been awarded 10 points for the one that got away. It was at least 20kg after all!!!!!!

Maurice Dalton said...

Thats a serious Pike, the Perch ain't bad either.
Getting some practice in ha, you'll need it, I'll wipe the floor with you when I get over there.