Friday, May 02, 2008

Tom's Lake; 2nd May 2008

1lb 2oz. Perch

3lb 8oz. Pike

3lb 8oz. Pike

Kev and Jack Pike

Al and Jack Pike

A lovely evening fishing with Tom and Kevin at Tom's Lake, a lot of action in 3 hours betwenn 16.30 and 19.30. All fish taken on small livebaits on roving float rigs with a 1lb 2oz. Perch the highest scoring fish at two points. Kevin and I both had 3lb 80z. Pike and another smaller jack each, giving each of us an additional two points for the table. Interestingly feeding spells corelated remarkably closely to the trigger times connected to the moon setting. I had a further two runs to small fish, on biting through the line and another getting off at the bank. In addition Tom had two Pike come off while spinning, a lot of fish in the area and well worth another trip for the presumably bigger fish that must be present in the lake...

Weather; Overcast,6/8 Cloud Cover. High Pressure dropping, Temp.14 degrees celsius.
Moon trigger Times; 16,58;17.58

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