Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lidingö; 19th August 2008

1lb 13oz. Perch

1lb 2oz. Perch

4lb 15oz. Pike

Simon and Perch

A fine day at Lidingö today with Karl and Simon, fishing principally for Perch. Perch came early on the legered worm, particularily to Simon who had three nice fish around the 12oz. mark. Karl then had a free roving Perch Live bait taken by a Pike of 4lb 15oz. which gave him a scare or two as it did its best to entangle itself in the reeds to our left before it was landed. A nice fish barely under five pounds gave him his first single point of the day for the table.
Next came a really nice fish for myself, a lovely 1lb 13oz. (4 Pts.) fish with rather faded markings, presumably an older female fish. This fish fell to legered worm and gave a brief but powerful account of itself on the swingtip rod. Then to wrap the evening up Karl had a large Roach livebait taken before he failed to hook what most probably was a good Perch. This was followed by a fish of 1lb 2oz. , a 2 point fish that went into the reeds and was fortunatly landed all the same, which was a great way to end the session before we packed up at 19.30. Happily all todays fish were released and swam away strongly to fight another day....

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