Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dammtorpsjön; 18th May 2009



Spent the afternoon fishing Dammtorpsjön in Nacka out of curiousity. A very weedy lake makes fishing very difficult, the lake is also full of water lilies. Legered a worm on the quivertip rod, plenty of Rudd fell to the method, though nothing above 7oz, or so today. Of more interest was a screaming run on on of my ledgered boilie rods, the result was a powerful run which resulted in the fish running into a waterlily bed before the hookhold gave, to huge frustration on my part.
The lake holds Tench, Carp and Crucian Carp. Reckon this lake may reward a bit of effort, though swims would have to be cleared of weed to allow fishing in order to have a good chace of presenting a bait properly and landing fish should one be hooked. A really nice lake though, close to town also and may well be worth a few sessions...

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