Friday, May 29, 2009

Rudasjön Friday 29th May

First time out at this lake, just by the pendeltåg station at Haninge. Arrived around 10am and started float fishing worm, lots of small Perch, Roach and Rudd. Also fished ledgered worm and was setting up the livebait rod when i noticed the ledger tip bent over. Thought it was a Tench at first but was happily surprised to see a rainbow trout! My first ever. Weighed in at 0.92kg. Shortly after was bringing in a small float fished Rudd when a jack pike grabbed it from right in front of me. dropped off when I tried to pull it out and attacked the Rudd again the second I dropped it back in the water. I moved over the livebait rod and cought it after a few minutes, didn't bother weighing it as it was so small. A few more small fish and then it died down till around 3.30 when the float went under again. This time with prawn as bait. After a great fight I finally brought a beautiful 1.26kg Rainbow to the bank. I'll be heading back to this lake for sure, and soon.

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Alan Dalton said...

Nice looking venue Ed, congrats on the trout.