Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tyresö Nyfors; 22nd June 2009

Had only just cast my first livebait when this jack Pike struck it, this before a very interesting night fishing session that was frustrating, yet some thing of a success nevertheless....
Tyresö Nyfors, Älbysjön was the selected venue for a crack at night fishing for Zander and arrived at 8pm. in order to secure some baits. A few small Perch were soon picked up on a float fished worm, though the hoped for Roach and Loi were not at first. Immediatly hit a jack Pike on the first cast. A short while later Linda had a lift on her bite indicator, then nothing. An inspection of her bait revealed a badly mauled bait towards the rear, no typical razor cut Pike tooth marks though, rather Perch or Zander the culprit. Fish activity was high with shoals of baitfish began scattering on the surface as they were attacked from below by unseen predators. As darkness fell I had more bites and dropped runs, mangled live baits the result. A small Bream and a two Roach all taken from behind and were scored roughly and crushed towards the tail, feel these baits were hit by Zander which dropped the baits. Then another fish hit on a larger Roach and an exremely powerful fish, surely a big Pike, hooped the rod over after a few moments when it seemed to realize it was hooked. This fish bit through the line, I can only assume the bait swam back over the mainline, was then engulfed and the teeth did the rest. Linda had another bait marked badly before the feeding spell passed and activity dropped off.
A frustrating night yes, but interesting all the same. Figure the problem is too much resistance on the leger rig causing dropped runs, which in itself is a classic sign of Zander, which do not like resistance. Using a heavier lead might well be the answer, the heavier the lead the more static it stays and the fish will pull line through the eye of the lead without dislodging it and feeling resistance. Float fishing with nightlite inserts for visibility might also prove very, very efficient.
Will try another few sessions at night for Zander. Securing good bait is key, small Roach, Bleak or especially Loi being the fisrt option if possible, perhaps arriving earlier and concentrating on these might be an idea.(A throwing net would be ideal, bait fish are everywhere in the lake in the margins.) Given good quality bait and some refinemnts in the rigs I figure some good results could be had from this lake with regard to Zander, as well as some very big Perch and Pike also before the fall of darkness...

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