Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seatrout fishing in Stockholm City

 The second fish of the day for me, well over a pound...

A 2lb fish was the first catch for me, a stunning looking fish. Both fought very well...

A trip to Stockholm Ström with Ed and Rob for Seatrout, again the tempature gauge was in the minus range. We legered prawns to start with, before I tried a maggot bait on a size 14 hook and quickly had a bite. A lovely fight ensued and I was delighted when a fine Seatrout broke the surface! After that we all had maggots on the hooks. An hour later I had a second fish, not quite as large as the first. though it was long, it was not as deep as the first. Ed was unfortunate to miss a couple of bites after that, before we called it a dat as the cold begsan to bite..
 A couple of days later I returned with Andy Shaw, though we didn't land any fish on the day. In almost five hours we had two bites apiece and missed them all! Andy had a quite remarkable bite, a violent take which lurch the rod over and almost pulled it over the railing, before it bounced back and onto the ground. It seems pereseverence here might pay off with a good fish, they grow big here and the record is far in excess of 30lb.!

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