Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lure fishing for Pike; Lidingö; 28th May 2015

A few spare hours in the evening saw Eddie Bowler and I afloat after our old friend Mr. Esox. It was a bright sunny evening, though we felt our chances were good nonetheless as the sun began to drop. The shallow spawning grounds proved uneventful and it was apparent the fish have moved away from these areas. With limited time we decided to try a few more areas with a couple of meters depth and right at the death I had a proper strike on a 22cm Westin Shad Teez, in the colour Official Roach. The fish fought well in water that was 15 degrees, and soon was safely unhooked, photographed and released unharmed, as all Pike should be. Time constraints had meant we struggled to find the fish, though in the end it was great to get one after a few half hearted hits from small fish. Didn't weigh this one, obviously a post spawn fish, though quite long...

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