Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drevviken: 14th June 2007

Very windy on the lake today and this made fishing rather tough. Linda and I arrived at 15.30 and immediatly settled on legering a worm on the bottom. Over the course of the day several Bream and small Perch were caught. Fishing improved at around 19.00hrs when I managed to land a suprise in the form of a Rudd, while normally a surface or midwater feeding fish it took a worm of the bottom... A really well conditioned and superbly coloured fish, it tipped the scales at .29kilo(10oz.), there are undoubtedly much bigger specimens in the lake.
Heartbreak followed when I struck into a rather delicate bite and was suprised by the severe resistance I was met with as the fished lurched away strongly taking line as it went . A tremendous scrap followed before a huge Perch came to the surface and plowed off again. The line then parted 8 inches above the hook leaving me gutted, the biggest Perch I have ever seen gone. Still it is a good indication of the potential of the lake for the species....
Linda picked up a Ruffe towards dusk, lovely little fish when viewed close up, though never grows to more than a few inches in length..

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