Monday, June 18, 2007

Drevviken;18th June 2007

Drevviken was the venue today in still, humid conditions. Arrived with Rafal at 16.45 and fishing was brisk for the first hour. Rafals first cast with a mepps spinner produced a Perch, which was soon followed by a small Pike which grabbed the lure as he was taking it from the water.
I groundbaited the swim and half an hour later came up trumps on the legered worm with a superb Rudd, a personal best which tipped the scales at .69kilos(1lb 9oz.) A really beautiful specimen which gave me 6 points. A Bream and some small Perch follwed this before Karl arrived and we moved swim after it went quiet. The new swim produced 2 more Rudd for me weighing .4kilo(130z.) and .28kilo(90z.) The larger of these two gained me another point on the table. Rafal had a point for his Pike and also had another Pike a few days ago for which he also gets a point.
Fished through the night for Zander, but without success as the fish were not feeding on this occasion...

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