Friday, July 20, 2007

Drevviken, 20th July 2007

1.47kilo Tench(3lb 4oz.)

.47 kilo Rudd(1lb 1/2oz.)

.36kilo Rudd(12.5oz.)

.46kilo Bream(1lb)

.34kilo Bream(12oz.)

A great day at Dreviken with fish coming to the bank throughout the day. Arrived at 09.30am and groundbaited with pellets, sweetcorn and breadcrumb mix. Several Bream came straight away up to a pound in weight before a thumping bite saw me land a strong fighting Rudd that went just over one pound in weight.(2points) More Rudd, Bream, Perch and Roach followed before a slow pull on the rod saw me hook into a powerhouse fish on the swingtip rod, and the next few minutes saw me enjoy a fabulous fight from my first swedish Tench, a real surprise. The fish was a male and weighed 1,47kilo(3lb 4oz.)(3 points)
The day continued with Bream and Rudd, one Rudd going over 12oz. and gaining me an additional 1 point. Fishing was quieter in the evening as it turned out, nevertheless a really enjoyable day...

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