Thursday, July 19, 2007

Making Boilies

One of many recipes to make your own boilie baits, which are expensive to buy ready made. Better fun to catch on your own anyhow. You can experiment with all kinds of flavourings like Vanilla, Strawberry, Curry or whatever. Also might be worth adding Sweetcorn Oil. Great baits for Carp and Tench. In smaller size could be super for big Rudd, Roach, Chub, Bream etc.

INGREDIENTS; 2 dl. Plain Flour(vetemjöl), 2 dl. Soya Flour(soyamjöl), 1.5 dl. Breadcrumb(Skorpmjöl), 150g crushed dry dog food, 150g Cottage Cheese(kessala), 20g Sugar, I packet Sodium Bensoate preservative(natriumbensoate), % Eggs, Red Caramael Flavouring(karamellfärg)

Whip the eggs and add the Sugar, Kessala and a few drops of the flavouring. Seperately blend the flours, breadcrumbs, dog food, Sodium bensoate etc. Then gradually add the dry mix to the liquid mix until you have a dough. Roll this into long sausages and cut into small pieces before rolling into balls. Then drop the balls into boiling water for 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on how hard you want them to be. Remove from water and dry on flat surface or rack for a few hours and they are then ready. The boilies can be frozen or stored dry. The Sodium Bensoate helps to preseve the bait for long periods...

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