Thursday, July 05, 2007

Updated Points Table

In addition one species, Crucian Carp will be awarded points as follows;
Any;1pt. 1lb;2pts 1.5lb;3pts 2lb;5pts 2.5lbs;8pts 3lbs;12pts

Crucians dont grow huge but are a challenge to catch, apparently they are great fighters too. There are a few lakes in Huddinge where they are present and may be worth paying them some attention over the next 8 weeks as they are a summer species only.

Rules are now simplified, you catch a fish you get points according to the table above. The heaviest 20 individuals of each species caught by each person are counted. The heaviest specimen of each species caught will be awarded 12 bonus points at the end of the calender year. There are lots of species that have not been caught by anyone, so it is well worth seeking out these species with regard to points. Also the heaviest fish of the year of any species will be awarded an additional 12 points. This means that the a pike 0f 25lb, if it was to be the biggest fish of the year would net its captor a whopping 36 points, in other words this league is wide open!

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