Monday, May 26, 2008

Dreviken; 26th May 2008

14lb 14oz. Pike

14lb 14oz. Pike

0.78lb Rudd


A great days fishing today at Dreviken. Started fishing at 2pm., immediatly began to catch Rudd, Roach and particularily skimmer Bream. Thing continued on like that for some hours while the worm baits were constantly taken, two livebaits remaining untouched for a while. At 5.50pm a ledgered Bream was finally taken right on cue, though I lost this fish at the bank, a Pike of around 5lb. or so. I rebaited another bream and recasted. As I was setting up the bobbin indicator line was taken from my hands, I assumed it was the fresh livebait and reset the bobbin and bite alarm, stood up and watched as line started to tear of the reel again, the alarm sounding off. I struck into a solid Pike, which gave me a fantastic fight on the light rod, taking about ten minutes to get to the bank where I gratefully managed to land the fish by hand! The scale swung to just under 15lb, a cracking fish and new personal best, after a few quick pictures with the camera timer I released it, the fish swimming away strongly. The fish is worth 6 points on the league table.
At 6.45pm. I managed a good Rudd of .78lb, which gave me another point, before some better Bream appeared in the swim, all over a pound. Another moon trigger approached and I could not believe how on cue two runs were at 7.55pm and 8.05pm. These were somewhat unuasual though in that both were dropped after very positive takes, with perhaps three metres of line quickly stripped off the reel. Both were on the roach live bait, which on inspection the first time bore the tell tale puncture marks of a Zander, I can only assume the rigs offered too much resistance and spooked the fish. Good to know they are in the area all the same, something to have a go for in the coming weeks...

Weather; Westerly wind F2-3, Cloudy from 1700, Sunny previous to that. 20 degrees falling in evening.
Trigger Times; 16.10; High Point at 18.10; 20.10

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