Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dreviken; 28th May 2008

The same Pike again! 14lb. 9oz. today!

2lb. 7oz. Pike

Out to the same swim in Dreviken today for a few hours in the evening. Started fishing at 17.30 after a bus breakdowm delayed me, fishing very slow at first and I could not even catch small baitfish at first. Eventually got some skimmer Bream, Roach and Rudd and got some baits out for Pike. First run came at 19.15, a good fish which spat the bait and hooks out at the bank after a four minute tussle, a good fish of not far off ten pounds. This was quickly followed by a second run, a small fish this time of 2lb. 7oz., a single point fish. Things then went quiet for a while until 21.10 when another run came, this time a long on. A great fight followed before a very familiar looking fish was landed! Comparing the two later on the photos taken it is certainly the same fish I landed just two days ago, this time 5oz. lighter at 14lb. 9oz. Have decided that I should not take points for this guy as he is probably territorial and catching the same fish repeatedly seems somehow wrong. It does go to show that they certainly get back to normal life soon after being caught and perhaps are not the brightest! Will be difficult to keep fishing at the site if this guy keeps coming out!
Weather; Fine, Sunny. Westerly Wind F3-4. 20 Degrees Celsius.
Trigger Times,; 19.20, 21.20

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