Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stockholm Strömmen;15th October 2008

11lb. Seatrout (male)
Five hours were spent fishing this evening between 8pm. and 1am., alas, without a fish for Ed, Karl or myself. A couple of hours alone yesterday evening produced the same result and it seems the peak of the Salmon run here has passed and the fish are scarcer now. Seatrout however will pick up over the next month or so and will continue to be present into the new year, the fish photographed above was caught early this evening, a reminder of what can be taken with a little luck, or perseverence, a superb male Seatrout that weighed 11lb.! A well coloured fish that has been in the Ström for some time, these fish are silver when they first come in from the baltic, gradually gaining darker colouration as the weeks pass.
Pike fishing was quiet last Monday also and a half day on Malaren produce a single jack Pike for myself and a brace for Jamie on what was a poor day overall, despite promising conditions. The seaon is drawing to a close now for many species as the winter closes in....

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