Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Point's Table; 2008

Another year passed already, so time to post the final points table for the year 2oo8. As always, bonus points are now added for the biggest points scoring fish of each species caught over the year, with a reward of 12 Points for each. In addition a further 12 Points are awarded for the heaviest fish of the year outright. The following fish are awarded points;

Pike; 14lb. 14oz., Dreviken. Al (24 Pts., also largest fish of the year.)
Zander; 3.8kg., Lidingö. Ed (12 Pts.)
Perch; 1.2 kg., Lidingö. Ed (12 Pts.)
Burbot; 6lb. 5oz., Tyresö Slott. Al (12 Pts.)
Eel; 1lb. 4oz.,Aspö. Karl (12 Pts.)
Rudd; 2lb. 3oz., Tyresö Slott. Al (12 Pts.)
Bream; 3lb. 9oz., Varmdö. Al (12 Pts.)
Tench; 4lb. 2oz., Nyfors, Al (12Pts.)
Ide; 1lb. 4oz., Aspö. Al (12 Pts.)

All of this means the final table looks like this...

1st. Al (194pts.)
2nd. Ed (53pts.)
3rd. Karl (28pts.)
4th. Simon (13pts.)
5th. Tom (3pts.)
6th. Kevin (2pts.)

Again in 2008, several species were not caught at all. Notably, these include Salmon, Brown Trout, Seatrout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Char, Chub, Dace, Silver Bream, Carp, Crucian Carp, Asp and Flounder. Several of these are easily available with a little effort and time and offer good opportunites in 2009. Other species, like Roach, a commonly caught species were not caught at sufficient size to register points on the table. Burbot, Eel, Ide and Zander were all caught for the first time during 2008. Hopefully 2009 will bring some more great fish and enjoyment for you all...

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